Exterior Home Improvements with Highest ROI

One mistake that many homeowners make is to continuously update the interior of their home, but to neglect the exterior of their home. We see why this is done so much. After all, the interior of a home is often on the homeowner’s mind, more. However, according to a report [...]

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Home Exteriors: Stucco vs. Concrete

Concrete home exteriors are making a comeback. This material, once reserved for schools, prisons and homes in developing nations, is favored here once again after having experienced a resurgence in Europe. You can see more concrete floors, countertops and hearths these days too. The concrete block structure is popular in Florida as [...]

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Vinyl Siding: Is Insulated Better than Uninsulated?

  Once you’ve decided on vinyl siding for your home, you’ll likely wrestle with the question of whether you want insulated or uninsulated. More insulation is better, right? Not always. Most home exteriors have pretty low R-values, a thermal resistance rating that lets consumers know a product’s insulating properties. Common R-values for rolls of insulation used [...]

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Planning Stucco Repair? Wait!

If your stucco is cracked, you might think you should repair it right away, but it’s best to wait. Why? Freezing temps and stucco patching just don’t mix. It’s likely that if you look hard enough, you can find someone to do any job you want done, but a true professional will not take a [...]

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