If you’ve had any problems with your gutters or roof, your fascia boards may have taken the brunt of the blow. The longer you wait to make repairs to this important part of your home, the greater the chance of serious damage.

Proper maintenance of the system you have in place for removing rainwater and other precipitation from your home is critical. Your house must be kept as dry as possible, for it to last as long as possible.


A strong, durable roof is a home’s first line of defense, but you need other protections in place to ward off moisture. Your rain gutter system is designed to catch all the water that runs off the roof and transport it through downspouts and extensions, away from your home. Any weak link in this chain leaves your home susceptible to mold, mildew and rot.

Gutter systems are complex, and each part must do its job. If your downspouts have detached from the gutters, if your extensions are missing, if your gutters are overflowing with debris, then water is not being carried away from your home. Instead, it’s pooling around your foundation, slowly seeping into your basement, compromising the entire structure.


Rotting fascia is a particular danger that needs to be addressed quickly. Fascia rots when it is exposed to too much moisture, which usually occurs when gutters overflow. Whether you have clogged gutters or ice dams, that water is going to back up and soak into your fascia.

In time, if your rotting fascia is not replaced, your gutters could eventually detach. Gutters filled with leaves and debris are heavy, and gutters filled with water from a driving rain are even heavier. The weight could pull the brackets right out of that rotted wood, leaving you with a big mess.


With rotting fascia you often find compromised soffits as well. It’s best to rely on an expert to inspect all your fascia and soffits. It’s not always necessary to replace all of them, but you want to make sure any rotting parts are ripped out.

When installing new fascia, it’s important not to use nails that are too big. Of course you want the boards secured properly to your home, but extra-big nails can cause the wood to split, and that allows moisture to penetrate.

Any seams in the fascia should also line up with the rafters in your roof. This also protects against moisture leaks.

Call Renovation by Burbach if you are concerned about any part of your gutter system. Water is one of your home’s greatest enemies. Make sure your gutters are in good working order, and see that any rotting fascia is replaced ASAP.