One of the great truths in the world is that people change; tastes in cuisine, fashion, and entertainment will all have their day before eventually being replaced by the latest trends, even if nostalgia brings those tastes back to bygone eras. Buildings aren’t exempt from this type of scrutiny. In fact, the business for renovations and remodeling is seeing a surge as Utah’s housing market undergoes one of the biggest booms in the state’s history.

At Burbach, we consider renovations to be one of our bedrock services and have curated a suite of tools to assist our clients who are bravely taking the leap into what can often be a daunting endeavor. One such resource is Renoworks, an advanced design visualization software that helps the client see the changes they wish to implement in their home or business at every stage of the project. 

Our team’s ability to bring our client’s vision out of Renoworks and into the real world is one of the reasons why Burbach Exteriors is the premier home remodeling expert in the Salt Lake Valley. Combine that track record with the superior materials that we use and you have a firm that understands what it takes to achieve the highest level of quality.

Who can I trust with the exterior of my home?

Embarking on a renovation or a repair of your residential or commercial building will be one of the biggest projects you’re likely to ever undertake. With so much money, time, and planning involved in helping the construction get off its feet﹘not to mention the courage it can take to pick a look and then commit to it for years﹘you don’t want to trust this business to just anyone. In many ways, the first hard choice to make once you’ve decided to renovate is to choose which firm will take on the project.

Choosing whom to trust with something of this size is a task many people feel totally under equipped to do. As mentioned above, knowing a company’s track record and proficiency with certain materials is key to making this decision. A look at our portfolio at the time of your initial consultation will help you see the standard of excellence that we are used to providing. Regarding our skill with materials, we are Utah’s only preferred James Hardie installer, an exciting synthetic siding made of fiber and cement. We are also experienced with every other type of style one could imagine. 

“Our house looks great and is warmer and more comfortable than we expected.”

A Culture of Collaboration

After the decision has been made of who to work with, no one wants to feel like they’ve been left behind on such a big project. At every step of the process, whether that is meeting with our professional design consultants at the outset or walking through the site with our field project managers at various stages of the build, our goal is to never let you feel like you don’t have a say in the proceedings. 

Of course, collaboration is hard to give if one feels uneducated or unable to speak about what they’d like. That’s why we provide our clients with tools like material samples, photo galleries, and the aforementioned project visualizer. Armed with these resources and working with a team that wants to listen, we can make sure that your dream project is realized the first time, with little to no issues along the way.

“Seeing multiple options really made the decision making process much easier. Thank You!”

Improving Homes Across the Salt Lake Valley

Burbach works to enhance the outside aesthetic of Utah homes while fortifying them against years of weather and wear. Our expertise comes from the many projects we have successfully completed since we began. Here are some of the locations we have serviced.