When you’re on a limited budget, some exterior remodeling shortcuts can help you get the job done without putting your bank account in the red.

Cutting corners in some areas in order to be able to afford what you want in others is a good strategy, but you have to know what’s OK to do on the cheap and what’s not.

Take a look at our short list of suggestions that might help you save money.


Your yard has a huge impact on your curb appeal, there’s no doubt about that. The most beautiful home can look ugly behind overgrown hedges and a brown, patchy lawn, so it’s critical you consider this in your makeover and plan. However, depending on what you have in mind, this can get expensive.

According to Modular Today, a site for buyers of modular constructions, landscaping is the third-most expensive part of new home constructions, with the average being $11,500. Take heart, however — this includes a whole new lawn and a driveway.

First, ask yourself if you can do any of the work on your own. If you have time, clearing brush, weeds and other yard clutter doesn’t take any special skill. You also may be able to give your lawn a helping hand by aerating and fertilizing it and putting down some weed killer. Re-seed thin patches and your lawn will perk up in no time.

Absence of mess, however, isn’t really the same as looking good. Buying trees, bushes, shrubs and flowers can run up a bill. Some carefully placed containers of plants or flowers on your front steps, along your sidewalk or hanging from your porch can make a big impact for a small amount of money.


Sure, cedar and fieldstone are beautiful, but they’re expensive too. If your home’s exterior is a mess and you’ve just got to do something about it but you have two kids in college and your car is making a funny noise, this might not be the time to take on more debt.

Vinyl is great because it covers up a multitude of sins in a heartbeat for a bargain-basement price. It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s cost-effective and it gives your home an instant facelift. You can choose practically any color you can imagine and it won’t fade, warp, crack or need any maintenance except maybe an occasional hosing off.


Choosing the right accents can help in several different situations. Suppose you took our advice and went with the vinyl, but you still ached for a touch of class that separates your home from the others on the block. Spend a little more on the accents. Get custom shutters, erect a cast-iron fence or select elegant sconces or hanging lighting fixtures.

On the flip side, if you’ve spent all your money on the exterior of your dreams, save on these extras. Skip the fence and plant a hedge instead. Buy low-end lighting fixtures — they may not last as long, but they will look similar and they’ll buy you the time to save up for something better later.

If your home’s exterior needs help fast, call Renovation by Burbach. We’ll sit down with you and go over your budget and your priorities and show you how to get what you want. Check this space soon for our next blog — what shortcuts not to take on your exterior home remodeling project.