Vinyl siding is tough, but it’s not invincible. What, if anything, can damage vinyl siding, and what can you do to prevent it?


We’re not talking about the kind of heat you get on a sweltering day here on the Wasatch Front — if that were true, the vinyl would have melted off of our houses long ago!

Melted siding is often the doing of a gas or charcoal grill. Most people realize they should pull their away from the house when they cook, but many push it back before it’s fully cool again.

Other culprits include tiki torches or portable outdoor fireplaces. If you keep these on your deck, a breeze in the wrong direction can deliver more heat to your siding than it can take.

If you see buckling or warping near your chimney, however, it is likely not the heat from the chimney that caused it. Many years ago it was advised to use aluminum as a backing for vinyl, and this generated extra heat, which gets trapped in areas like corners where air can’t circulate, and can result in warping.


One of the most common reasons for cracked vinyl siding is being hit with a baseball. Other types of balls can crack it as well, but hard baseballs do the most damage. 

Falling or swaying tree branches that hit your siding also can crack it. Sometimes this type of damage can’t be avoided, but you can improve your odds by keeping trees trimmed, especially those that touch your home when the wind blows. Even if vegetation in such close proximity to your home doesn’t damage your siding, it creates a ripe environment for mildew.

Leaning objects up against your house like rakes, shovels, bicycles or scrap wood also can crack your siding.


Although windstorms aren’t common in this part of Utah, they do occur from time to time, and they can do a number on your vinyl siding. 

No matter how well your vinyl siding was installed, strong wind blowing from odd angles can get underneath it and leave it looking bent or askew. This isn’t just a cosmetic problem; siding that’s out of place can allow water to get in, and then you’ll end up with another whole set of problems.

Luckily, vinyl siding is quick and easy to replace. In fact, you may be able to do it yourself. But if you can’t, the professionals here at Renovation by Burbach can do it for you. We’ve been installing all types of siding on homes all along the Wasatch Front for decades. 

Whenever you have a problem or a question about your vinyl siding, or if you need repair, call us.