It’s that time of year again! The leaves of fall have disappeared, and the neighborhoods are still aglow with holiday lights. If you haven’t already, now’s the time to prepare your home’s exterior for future harsh winter elements. Whether it’s heavy rain or ice and snow, your home’s exterior is going to get the brunt of the highs and lows of winter weather, taking on snow, salt, and of course, melt. However, even the simplest of preparations can go a long way, keeping the exterior of your house in good condition when the hold finally subsides. So, without further ado, here are a few tips and tricks from Burbach to keep your home looking great and working for you.

1. Start at the Front Door

In the dead of winter, a weak door and weatherstrip can be uncomfortable at best for the interior of your home, and at worst, can let in unwanted moisture to your door frames and beyond, running up heating costs and even causing mold. If you feel a draft coming from the sides or from underneath your front or back door, it’s likely time for a draft guard and new weatherstripping. Simply slide the door guard between your front and back door and the floor. This’ll help heat from the interior of your home from escaping. By redoing weather stripping along the sides of your door (and window) frames, you can help keep unwanted debris and moisture from entering your home after heavy rain or snowmelt.

2. Check Your Windows

The front door isn’t the only place the heat could be escaping from your home. If you haven’t checked your windows since last winter, now’s the time to do so. Check for gaps alongside your window frames, just as you had with entry doors. If any gaps create a draft or are noticeable by sight, make sure you fill the area with caulk.

3. Clean Out the Gutters

Has it been a minute since you’ve thought about your home’s gutters? It’s time to get the ladder out and clean out debris buildup. After fall, a significant amount of leaves and debris have likely found a new home in your gutters. If a snowstorm has hit before you were able to clean out those leaves, there’s a high chance what’s in those gutters has compacted and is probably keeping the gutters from doing their job. To prevent ice buildup, clean the gutters at least once after the fall season.

4. Hire a Professional

There are many tasks you can easily find the time to do on your own, but for larger exterior home repairs, a DIY project isn’t the way to go. While inspecting your home, if you’ve seen any damage to the exterior of your home, whether it’s broken siding or deteriorating stone, it’s time to call in the experts at Burbach. Don’t see any damage currently, but want to make sure your home’s exterior is ready for the winter? Give Burbach a cool for an inspection and small repairs.