Selecting a color for your home’s exterior is pretty important. After all, you’re going to be looking at it every day — and so is everyone else in your neighborhood.

The color of your home is no small matter, but when you’re contemplating what would be best, keep in mind your color choices for the trim and accents, too. It’s a package deal!

Natural-looking hues are in for 2016 — shades of beige and gray. Green and blue are good too, but the most popular shades are so dark that upon first glance, you’d think they were gray.


The beige shades are meant to invoke the feeling of wood — without the cost. Wood is warm and natural, and beige blends in nicely with the landscape. And it’s not just the landscape you want to blend in with, it’s the neighborhood too.

If your neighborhood boasts a number of new, stately homes and you decide to spruce up your older home with a coating of salmon-colored stucco, you are likely not going to win the neighbor of the year award. In fact, you may see some raised eyebrows or even some snickers.

You don’t want to blend in like Where’s Waldo, but you don’t want to stick out like the ugly duckling in a room full of swans, either.


So pick a color you like that you think others will like too, then you can express your individuality with the accents, like doors and shutters. Even fire-engine red for accents looks good. Some people prefer a more muted maroon or cranberry, but you can get away with a lot with accents.

Teal, a cheerful blue or green — heck, even orange is do-able for accents. (Think more pumpkin orange than traffic-cone orange, though.)


And when you’re compiling your colors, keep your trim in mind. If you’re going with sand for your main color and rust for your accents, what will you use for your trim?

Most people go with white. It’s safe and no one can object to it. But it’s a little boring, too. Some homeowners get crazy and go with cream, but consider black for a modern look. Another idea is to use a darker shade of your main color for your trim. You can’t go wrong there — no clashing!


The possibilities are practically endless, and that makes it hard to choose. What makes it easier is coming down to Renovation by Burbach, where we can use our sophisticated software to show you what your house will look like in any color you are considering. It’s like having your house try on clothes in front of a three-way mirror.

We can help you choose not just your color, but your medium — vinyl, fiber cement, wood, etc. — and achieve the look you want, regardless of your budget. If you need a professional opinion on the best colors for your home’s exterior, come talk to the experts at Renovation by Burbach.