You’ve been thinking about it for years; the wall in between the bedrooms needs to be knocked through, the basement has got to be finished, or the house needs a complete facelift with new siding, roof, and paint job. You’ve discussed the changes with your partner and with your kids; you’ve watched your house fund grow as you’ve sacrificed to save, and shrink as you’ve had to allocate those funds to pay for car repairs and unexpected trips to the hospital. You’ve made plenty of happy memories in your current home but behind each one is the thought that this could somehow be better if you could just get the kitchen redone.

A home renovation is not a decision that is made lightly. In fact, it might be the biggest decision a homeowner ever decides to make. Not only can a beautiful home repair increase the curb appeal of the home (your neighbors will make a special trip to walk by and admire it), but it will raise the resell value of the property as well﹘a fact that may be extremely tantalizing, especially if you’re currently living in a starter home or interim home before setting down permanent roots.


For many who have been talking about getting in touch with Burbach Exteriors to get the ball rolling on their remodel, the larger issue is really one of timing; knowing when to start a project that can take weeks to complete will demand a lot of consideration of various factors. Such influences include the following:

  • Personal Finances: Perhaps the most important factor in determining the timeframe of your home renovation. Having enough money in the bank is only one part of this issue, as most people will approach a bank for a home improvement loan to pay for things up front. Qualifying for such a loan can have a lot to do with the state of one’s credit and one’s employment, both now and in the future as they work to pay the loan off.
  • The Housing Market: It is much easier to pull the trigger on a home repair project if the housing market is in good shape because you are sure to get a quick return on your investment. Currently, for Burbach’s Utah clientele, the market couldn’t be in a better place to get a project finished and a house put up for sale.
  • The Availability of Materials: This is an interesting case that has seen even more interest surrounding it since the advent of the Covid-19 virus. In a recent study, over 70% of contractors reported that they are facing serious shortages of at least one essential construction material; lumber is currently suffering the biggest dearth (nearly one-third of all projects are in short supply), followed by steel and lighting supplies.
  • The Family’s Immediate Plans: There is an intangible﹘if no less important﹘factor to remember when considering a home repair project; namely, the family’s short-term plans. Will the kids be going off to college, or summer camp? Does mom have a big business trip coming up, where she’ll be out of the house for an extended period of time? Deciding to get a major project done while people are either gone (so as not to be inconvenienced) or at home (so that they can oversee) is part of the art of knowing when it’s time to put the wheels of your big project in motion.


Sometimes, all one needs to find the courage to say “let’s go” is to find the right team to help them. At Burbach Exteriors, our goal is to be that team, making it easier for each one of our clients to dedicate themselves to the exciting new home renovation project that awaits them. Much of what makes us easy to work with is the breadth of tools we offer our clients, ensuring that they have what they need to dream big and get the house they’ve always wanted.

Our process includes having our Field Project Managers and Design Consultants arrive on-site to consult with you about your vision, and then to help you previsualize the home repair by plugging the changes you want to see into our proprietary visualization software. As the remodel goes underway, we will consult with you frequently to make sure that we’re always on your same page. Together, we can make something the whole neighborhood will take pride in.