Here at Burbach, our team is passionate about the look and integrity of your home’s exterior. As experts in all things siding, we’ve upgraded exteriors and creatively designed new construction materials for decades. When it comes to siding, we’ve seen it all. However, when homeowners think about updating the look of their home, they sometimes think of vinyl siding as the “outdated” or “cookiecutter” choice. We want to make sure our clients know that vinyl siding still has a whole lot to offer. With newer, better, stronger, and more aesthetically appealing options on the market every year, we know we’ve got the right material for you. Still not sold on siding? Here are three reasons why we love it and hope you will too!

More Color Choices Than Ever Before

You may remember a time when siding seemed to only come in a handful of color options. Although this didn’t bode well for originality at the time, those times have changed. Due to advancements in siding technology, vinyl siding manufacturers have been able to develop an inspiring range of color options. From the traditional to the fanciful, you won’t have to hold back your expression of color if you choose vinyl siding today.

Impact the Look

Yes, vinyl siding almost always comes with the option of horizontal or verticle panels, but there are more ways than two to impact the look of your home. From wood mimicking shake and shingle to whimsical half-circle motifs, vinyl siding won’t mean compromising the visual impact of your home. Siding has come a long way, and although the material is still incredibly durable, we enjoy the fact that a vinyl material can easily take on the look of natural wood. Get the look without worrying about easily damaged materials.

Durable Beyond Compare

Of course, the team at Burbach Exteriors knows that what makes vinyl a great choice is the fact that it lasts. The state of Utah sees some harsh winter elements, and it’s safe to say that vinyl is the best choice when taking weather into account. We personally only use siding that has been vigorously tested and implement high-quality materials. All our siding is highly resistant to sun fading, heavy rain, snow, and harsh winds. The companies we work directly with also offer unparalleled warranty coverage, meaning that if damage were to happen, that great warranty is passed on to the homeowner.