Every homeowner and property manager understands the importance of a well-constructed roof or maintained vinyl siding, but there is and aspect between both that often gets overlooked or completely forgotten: the soffit. The soffit of a home isn’t something we often think about, and that’s quite possibly because it isn’t something we often look at. If you think of your home’s roof like the top of a mushroom, the soffit is much like the underbelly of the structure. It’s important to the overall integrity of the structure as a whole but isn’t the first thing you spot. However, what is and soffit and why is it so vital to your home?

Where is a Soffit Located?

Right below your home’s fascia and gutters, the soffit resides. It should be mentioned that not every home is home to soffits. In actuality, only roofs that overhang have soffits of some sort on them. If you happen to have a roof that hangs past the walls of your home, you can simply step outside and look up to see your home’s soffits.

What is a Soffit and Why Does My Home Need it?

Every home needs some sort of ventilation, and although the soffit of your home may not look impressive, it does an incredible job acting as passive ventilation for attics and the like. Without proper ventilation, the moisture and warm air that becomes trapped in your ceiling, crawl space, or attic have no way to escape. In many cases, this increase in condensation will eventually lead to mold in your home. In most modern homes, old fashioned gables and hooded vents have been switched out for the more favorable soffit boards.

What a soffit allows for is continuous ventilation and movement of airflow, lessening the chance for mold along the sides of your home. Soffits also come in handy when keeping pests at bay. Critters often take advantage of open areas on or between rain gutters and the walls of your home. An intact soffit keeps unwanted pests from nesting within your home, chewing through costly electrical systems, and potentially spreading disease throughout your home.

What Happens When Soffit Board is Damaged?

When the soffit board is damaged, it’s no longer able to do its job properly. Not only can holes and weak spots in soffit become the perfect place for creatures to nest, but ventilation will be jeopardized as well. It’s important to change the damaged soffit board as soon as possible. Whether you’re changing out vented soffits completely, looking to use a new material, or need a simple soffit repair, the experts at Burbach can help! Simply give us a call and we can begin to work on a plan to rejuvenate the look of a soffit or repair it to function as it should.