applying caulk to a window

When it’s cold and snowing outside generally isn’t the best time to discover an itch to remodel your home. But sometimes, that itch just needs to be scratched. Some projects may not be the best idea, like painting the exterior of your home during a blizzard or re-shingling your roof. But if you’ve found yourself with a burst of energy and a desire to do a remodeling project, here are our favorite winter friendly home improvement projects.

Re-insulate your doors

If you’re going to be doing a home improvement project while it’s cold out, you might as well do a project that will make your life a little more comfortable immediately. One of our favorite projects for this time of year, is to re-insulate your exterior doors. It’s pretty cold out there, and so insulating and adding a new weather stripping to your doors will help keep the interior of your home a lot warmer. It will also help you keep cool during the summer, since the hot air won’t be coming in either. It’s a great way to immediately see the results of your work, as well as see your utility bill get lower as you’ll be spending less gas to warm up your home. It’s also a quick and short project with big rewards.

Remodel your mudroom

Let’s be honest, during the winter, your home gets filled with mud and water, as the elements get tracked into your home. Having a mudroom, or even a better organized entryway, will help you eliminate some of the mess that’s tracked into your home. Having a place to take off your wet shoes and jackets, as well as dry off before stepping into the rest of your home, is a valuable addition to any home.

Power wash your siding

If you’re experiencing a little bit of a milder weekend, that’s the perfect opportunity to give the exterior of your home a good washing. Using a power washer is probably the best way to efficiently and effectively wash your home and get it looking great again without having to attempt to repaint the exterior of your home in during the winter. If you don’t have a power washer, or you’re intimidated by it, you can rent one or hire someone to come and do it for you. It’s a short project but you’ll see the benefits of it for months to come.