Brick patio with outdoor kitchen

We’ve been lucky to have a relatively mild winter, which means that spring is almost upon us. The start of spring means it’s the time to start thinking about all of the home improvement projects you want to embark upon this year. It’s never too early to get started, so now is definitely the time to start planning your exterior home improvement projects for 2018. One of our favorite home improvement projects for spring, is adding a patio to the backyard!

Why your yard needs a patio

Your patio is the perfect place to unwind and relax at the end of the day. It’s a great place to entertain guests and host a barbecue over the summer, as well as just a place to sit back and watch the sunset with your family once the evenings get to be a little bit warmer.

The ROI on a patio

Having a manicured and put together backyard is a great selling point for a home, if you ever choose to sell a home. Simply from a reselling standpoint, having a patio in your backyard is a great investment. Often, having a patio will help you sell your home for a lot more than you could if your backyard is just an empty, dirt lot.

Easy ways to make a patio

The idea of laying concrete, or creating and laying a patio out of wood, is intimidating. The intimidation factor is a big reason why a lot of people put off building a patio. But it doesn’t have to be as big or as intimidating as you think that it is! One of the best ways to build a patio on a budget, is to create a patio with paver stones. When you use paver stones, you can use dirt and sand as a foundation, before laying the paver stones. No concrete involved, and can be made more affordable depending on what kind of paver stones you select for your project.

Get started in the spring

By getting started on your patio and backyard remodeling projects in the spring, you’ll be able to spend your entire summer enjoying your backyard. If you wait until mid-summer to start your project, you’ll only have a few months to enjoy your yard before it gets cold. In addition, doing heavy labor outside in the middle of the summer is exhausting, so you’ll benefit from getting started now before the weather gets hotter.