Home damage due to inclement weather is an unfortunate reality for many people all over the country. Hurricane-tossed sheds, flooded basements, and homes shaken down in an earthquake are all things that one usually hears about happening in places other than the midWest (with the exception of Utah’s tornado-ripped siding that ominously occurred back in 1999).

As most homeowners agree when they’re ankle-deep in water or taking in a lungful of smokey air, the best type of home repair is done before the disaster ever happens. Put another way, the best type of home renovation is the one you choose. This is where Burbach Companies comes in.


Ultimately, there are two reasons why people choose to put off making the changes to their homes that are most needed: they are afraid of how much it will cost and they are intimidated by the size and scope of the project that they want to accomplish.

While price will always be a factor the bigger the project is (and if certain materials remain practically inaccessible thanks to constraints due to Covid-19), there are plenty of small projects that can be done relatively inexpensively that would have a major impact on not just the home’s aesthetics but its preparation going into the next natural disaster.


Lately, Utah has been plagued by severe thunderstorms and fast-moving wildfires, putting many homes in jeopardy. Many might be surprised how big of an impact some of these updates to the house can have when it comes to protecting their property.


During a fire season like the one we’re experiencing right now, many people come to Burbach with questions about whether there is any type of fire-resistant siding that they can install on their home to keep it from becoming totally devastated. Happily, there are a few. Siding is graded on a scale of combustibility, ranging from combustible, to non-combustible, to ignition-resistant.

Some of the best siding Utahs can have in order to protect from wildfire includes:

  • Stucco
  • Fiber-cement siding
  • Stone
  • Brick

At Burbach Exteriors, we utilize James Hardie materials that have been highly rated for their durability in a fire and can work with you to ensure that your home doesn’t sacrifice looks for safety. Our team of architects and builders is experienced in knowing how to preserve both function and form.


Whether it’s the threat of a fire bearing down on the home or ominous rain clouds gathering overhead, neglected and or broken rain gutters pose a significant danger to keeping the home safe during a disaster. It’s important to keep an eye out for gutter problems such as:

  • Leakiness
  • Frequent clogging
  • Detached from the house
  • Old and rusted material

The team at Burbach can help you update the style and materials of the gutters in order to stop problems like unintentional pooling, dangerous icicles, and a buildup of flammable plant debris from forming around the house.

Whether you’d like to update your siding before that next Utah fire or anything else on your home, consider consulting with the experts. Our team can help you find a way to keep the project within your budget and looking good. Contact us today.