Your rain gutters play a critical role in protecting your home or business from structural and water damage. In fact, the result between a clean and functioning rain gutter and a clogged or broken one could be thousands of dollars in roof and siding repair, or multiple trips by an exterminator to clear up an insect infestation.

If the results are potentially so dire then why aren’t more people getting their rain gutters cleaned or checked by a professional? The short answer: they don’t know there’s a problem until something awful happens. Too often rain gutters are installed completely level, without a pitch. This means that instead of allowing the water to flow naturally through the drain to the downspouts, it just pools until the water eventually freezes or evaporates. In the case of the former, ice dams can form as well as dangerous icicles. Or leaves don’t get cleaned out during the Autumn months, creating clogged, dark recesses that are perfect for birds, bugs, or vermin to live.

How To Know It’s Time To Call Us

What are the signs that you have damaged or dirty rain gutters? The first obvious indicator might be cascading water from the roof of the structure during a rainstorm. Typically the water will move towards the spout and be released into the gutter, or into a water trough or catch. If there is a waterfall spilling out over the edge of the roof, you could have a clogged gutter. Consequently, you’ll want to check to make sure the spout is issuing water normally. If only a fraction of the water that is raining seems to be coming out of the gutter, there could be a problem.

The other signs are structural, and may not be immediately apparent unless you’re on a ladder. If you’re noticing a separation of the gutter from the roof or side of the building, or it has begun sagging or bending lower than the roof, then it’s time to give us a call.

No matter the issue, Renovation by Burbach can help. Rain gutters play a critical role in the health of your structure’s roof and foundation. Your rain gutter system is a complex series of valves and channels that would benefit from some attention by a professional.

Benefits Of Rain Gutter Repair

There is no shortage of benefits that come from proper maintenance and repair of your rain gutters. Each issue that crops up from neglecting them is not only a major headache for home and business owners, but could result in thousands of dollars washed away.

  • Structure and Foundation Damage: Gushing water that pools at the bottom of your property will lead to cracks in the foundation and erosion, which weakens the entire structure of the building.
  • Flooding: Naturally, if water pools at the bottom of the property, not only will seepage occur into the soil which can creep in through the aforementioned cracks, but window wells will get flooded and that means standing water in your basement or ground floor.
  • Pest Infestation: Standing water means more than just flooding, it means bugs. Bugs enjoy breeding in the swampy waters left in your gutters by mud and leaves. This type of environment is a haven for hornets and mice as well, who will take up residence in this marsh-like habitat.

Let The Experts Handle This

No one wants to get up on a ladder with a trowel, gloves, and other tools to clean and repair their rain gutters, especially if they’re a novice. Not only is it a dirty job, but multi-story homes and businesses can be dangerous to manage. Luckily, we love what we do! One of our professional team members won’t just do a simple cleaning; they’ll keep an eye out for other issues going on that might impede the structural fidelity of your gutter system. 

Just give us a call today, before the weather turns and so do your fortunes. We guarantee work that you can be satisfied in.