When you are considering a major home renovation, you want to make sure you choose the right contractor for the job. You want a good price, but you also want the work done correctly — you’re likely going to be looking at it for years to come, so you want to be happy with it.

What should you look for in a home remodeling contractor?

Responsiveness — When you call a business, no matter what kind, you want to be able to talk to a real person. Even if a machine answers the call, you want to eventually be put through to someone live. You don’t want to hear, “Your call is important to us,” while waiting on interminable hold, or worse, to be told to leave your name and number so someone can call you back, which they will inevitably do when you are driving on the interstate instead of sitting at your desk.


Taking the step to make the call to a contractor usually means you are ready to move on the project. Some homeowners are still tentative, still hemming and hawing, when they call, but most eager to get started. So if the person you talk to on the phone can’t set up a consultation for weeks, how long do you think it will take him or her to get a crew out to start work on your home?

It’s true that good contractors are busy, but winter is the perfect time to arrange a consultation, make some decisions and get on their schedule for spring.


Anyone offering to sell you anything should offer a free consultation. After all, this is the company’s chance to demonstrate the value of their product. If you have to pay for a sales pitch, you should look elsewhere.

Have a list of questions ready for your consultation so you have the information you need to make a decision.


Blueprints used to be drawn with a pencil, nails used to be pounded in with hammers and renovations used to only be seen in the mind’s eye, but no more. Sophisticated, new technology allows contractors to show you what your home would look like in a seemingly limitless choice of finishes and colors. This takes the guesswork out of choosing your materials — you know ahead of time exactly how it will look!


Once you decide to move forward with your project, you should be able to meet your project manager and team leaders. These are the people who will make sure the work gets done, and that it gets done exactly how you want it. They will address all of your questions and concerns throughout the project, so you want to make sure you’re comfortable with them from the start.

If you are considering home exterior remodeling, give us a call here at Renovation by Burbach. A live person will answer the phone and set up a free consultation for you. We’ll use our modern software to show you what your home will look like after renovations, and we’ll introduce you to our team. Start planning your home renovation project with us today.