Fall is a good time to get your home’s exterior in shape for the winter ahead. You don’t want to face blowing snow and cold temperatures with missing shingles, gaps around doors and windows or cracks in the foundation. Not looking for problems isn’t the same as not having them, so devote a weekend soon to maintenance for your home’s exterior.

Tidy Up

You can’t fix what you can’t see, so your first step should be a thorough cleaning. If leaves have already begun to fall in your area, rake them away from your home’s foundation so you can get a good look at it. If the perimeter of your home is obscured by weeds or flowers whose bloom is off, get out your weed whacker and take care of the overgrowth.

Look for Damage

Once you can see the foundation, you can spot any cracks that might have appeared. While you always want to hope you won’t see any, spotting one is not necessarily bad news (not so with termites). Minor cracks in the cement surface of a foundation can be part of the normal settling any house experiences. If you see big cracks or cracks that are getting bigger, it’s best to call for a professional assessment. When you’re sure the foundation is straight, even and sound, take a look at the walls. Note any areas that are crumbling, cracking or disintegrating.

Clean the Walls

Fall is the perfect time to subject your exterior to a good power washing. Stone, brick, cement, stucco or siding can all benefit from a thorough cleaning. Get advice on what type of washer to rent, what type of cleanser to load it with and what setting to use so you only strip off the dirt and not the actual material. Don’t forget the porch and the deck they’re dirty too.

Condition Revealed

Cleaning really allows you to see what shape your home’s exterior is in. If, when you’re done, it looks like new, all clean and shiny great! If you knocked off a few dozen shingles in the process, if your stucco crumbled before your eyes or if your bricks came crashing down as if the Big Bad Wolf himself was huffing and puffing on them, you know it’s time your home get a new covering.

Renovation by Burbach expertly installs a full range of home coverings, from siding to stone to wood (no straw!). If you think your home’s covering can be salvaged, call Renovation by Burbach. They can do a full and proper assessment of any needed repairs. If you think it’s beyond repair, they can help you decide the best material to replace it with. You depend on your home’s exterior to keep you warm and dry, and it depends on you to make sure it’s in good condition, so be sure to hold up your end of the bargain this fall.