Now that spring has sprung, you may have noticed some maintenance issues around your home. Water comes at our homes from all directions this time of year, and you could need repairs on features such as your sprinkler system, rain gutters, or siding.

As you spend more time outside this spring, be sure you’re checking on the not-so-obvious aspects of your home that may be in need of attention. A broken sprinkler head is easy to spot, but clogged rain gutters, leaking foundations, and your neglected garden shed may be hiding some unpleasant surprises.

Outdoor “Honey Do” List

Your checklist of outdoor projects probably seems a mile long already. Prioritize your to-do list to ensure that critical tasks take precedence over things that can wait.

Clean and Repair Rain Gutters

One chore you shouldn’t ignore is cleaning out your rain gutters. With spring rains, and even the occasional snowmelt well into April, your gutters are charged with a lot of responsibility. Rain gutters not only make it possible to exit a building without getting dumped on, but they protect a building’s foundation from water accumulation.

Debris can quickly accumulate in gutters and downspouts year-round, especially if you don’t have gutter guards installed. Another problem homeowners face is improperly pitched gutters; in this case, the water has nowhere to go and can freeze in the gutters. This results in cracked gutters, ice dams along rooflines, and precarious icicles hanging from the eaves. 

Clean and Repair Siding

Like gutters, siding can serve as one of the first lines of defense against water and pest damage in your home or office. Come spring, it’s time to inspect your siding for any winter damage, and give it a good cleaning. Or, if you have wood siding, decking, or a pergola, spring is a good time to reseal to protect against another year of the elements. 

If your exterior is comprised of brick, stone, or stucco look for crumbling or cracked areas and be sure to schedule repairs asap to avoid the development of bigger problems down the road.

Look UP

While you’re inspecting your siding, be sure to look up at the soffit and fascia overhead. Birds are prone to find holes in the soffit under your eaves and make nests this time of year. At Burbach, we offer soffit and fascia repair and replacement, so if you notice damage or excessive wear, we’re here to help. 

Be sure to look over your roof for missing or damaged shingles as well, or hire a professional to do so. While up there, inspect your chimney for signs of damage or leaks, and have it inspected and cleaned once you’re ready to cease fireplace use for the season.

Check Sprinkler Lines

Did someone run over a driveway-adjacent sprinkler head this winter? Once the snow melts, walk around your property and look for any signs of damage to your sprinkler system. Of course, you may not know there’s a hidden problem underground until you turn on your water for the first time. In Utah, it’s often recommended to wait until late April or May to run sprinklers to avoid the risk of a late freeze causing burst pipes.

Clean and Install Screens

Let the fresh air in without letting in the bugs this spring and summer. If your window and door screens have remained installed overwinter, give them a once-over with a vacuum hose attachment, and wipe them down with a mild cleaning solution. Check for any tears, and patch as needed to ensure you’re bug-free once the weather warms.

While you’re checking your screens, see if any windows and doors need to be caulked. If you noticed any drafts during winter, cracked caulk or loose seals may be the issue. Avoid high summer utility bills by addressing these drafts now.

Service the Air Conditioning

Speaking of drafts, make sure your AC is ready to roll before temps hit the hundreds. Spring is a good time to have HVAC inspect and clean your AC unit, so don’t delay scheduling that outdoor maintenance task.


After making your way around your home, you may realize it’s time to start the exterior renovations you’ve dreamed of doing for so long. If that’s the case, contact Burbach Exteriors today for a free design consultation.