The great state of Utah possesses a unique climate that gives its residents a taste of both summer and winter extremes. In the Salt Lake valley, annual temperature averages range from 27-degree lows to 100-degree highs, while humidity sits at about 26% in July and peaks at 70% in January.

This disparity in humidity and temperature gives us four beautiful seasons to enjoy, but it can also cause problems— especially for our home exteriors. Mingle temperature extremes with rain, snow, wind or hail and you have a recipe for disaster. In order to prevent costly damage to your home exterior, specifically your Utah siding and rain gutters, it is good to know what to look out for, garnering a bit of useful preventative maintenance knowledge. Here are some insights from your Utah rain gutter, siding and all-things home exterior experts at Burbach Exteriors.


We’ve all seen icicles hanging from the gutters and frozen water clogging up the downspout. Though it can create a beautiful aesthetic, ice can be very damaging to your home exterior. It is surprisingly heavy and can bring down your gutter system, damaging your roof in the process. This is most certainly something you want to avoid.

When combating snow and ice buildup on your rain gutter system there are a few things you’re going to want to do. They include:

  • Keeping your gutters clean. Debris in your gutters creates more surface area thereby collecting more snow and ice. It also prevents liquid water from properly draining before it has time to freeze.
  • Make sure your gutters are sloped. This is addressed during installation. Make sure that whoever installs your gutters does so with proper angles. This can eliminate the need for costly future repairs.
  • Consider salting your gutters. This is an easy way to prevent water from freezing in your gutter system.


Sometimes in Utah, when it rains, it pours. While your home weathers spring tempests, make sure your rain gutter system is doing its job properly. If not installed correctly, large amounts of water can pool at the base of your home, seeping into the foundation. This can cause very expensive damage. If you have questions about rain gutter installation or would like to schedule an inspection, contact us today.


Changes in temperature and humidity spell trouble for painted surfaces. A painted exterior can be fairly difficult to maintain if you don’t keep a constant watchful eye. Some helpful tips to prevent cracked or flaking paint include:

  • Make sure surfaces are sanded, cleaned and primed before applying paint.
  • Remove cracked paint before applying another layer.
  • Apply a coat of clear binding sealer to exterior

Another way you can avoid the headache of maintaining your painted exterior is to invest in siding. Siding is beautiful, durable and affordable. For more information about siding options, click here.


At times, old siding can crack under the forces of bad weather. This problem, however, can easily be avoided by selecting the proper siding. Vinyl siding or James Hardie siding are two popular options that are resistant to weather and come at a manageable price point. It is important to select a siding that is durable and able to withstand the conditions specific to your area of residence. This can go a long way in preventing weather damage now and well into the future.


Preventing damage from wind and hail largely comes down to two things: quality of materials and installation. Poor materials don’t last and improper installation leads to problems down the road. Don’t let your exterior crack under the pressure of wind or hail and call your experts at Burbach Exteriors. We can provide you with the information you need so your exterior can weather the unique Utah climate for years to come.