Rain gutters play a critical role in the health of your home’s roof and foundation. Rain gutter systems are made up of a complex series of valves and channels that collect and funnel rainwater away from the foundation of your home. Working gutters are also essential to the proper drainage of moisture off your roof, and help prevent expensive problems such as ice dams in the winter. Ice dams are especially dangerous because they cause water to be trapped under the snow on your house, causing it to seep through the shingles and into your attic.

In addition to roof damage, improperly channelled rainwater can cause structural erosion over time, leading to expensive damage to your foundation. Water can collect in certain areas causing basement flooding and wood rot. Unwanted water can also damage walls both inside and outside of the home. In short, poorly installed gutters can cause major problems and that is exactly what Residential Exterior Solutions is here to help prevent.


Clogged, damaged, or leaking rain gutters can result from debris, damage to the physical gutter structure, or trees losing their leaves seasonally. Residential Exterior Solutions is an expert when it comes to ensuring that your commercial rain gutters are both properly installed and designed to avoid future problems. In order to ensure such quality, we must consider all of the following:

  • gutter size
  • gutter connections from the roof eaves
  • gutter sloping
  • gutter joints
  • any gutter damage such as leaks or holes
  • Downspouts
  • splash guards


From measuring and cutting to assembling and placing, Residential Exterior Solutions is the expert in proper rain gutter repair and installation. We want your rain gutters to last and keep you away from costly problems moving forward. With over a decade of experience, we can assist you in not only creating the look you want but protecting it for a lifetime.