Home Exterior Trends Through the Ages

Drive around with your grandpa and you will likely experience some of the nostalgia he feels for the vehicles he grew up on. He’ll point to the vintage car, mull over the exact year within the decade of its release, and then identify exactly what makes it a ‘56 Chevy [...]

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Overlooked Benefits of Quality Siding

Vinyl siding was brought to the housing market in the 1950s. Previously, aluminum siding, brick, and wood were popular materials for home exteriors. While initial vinyl siding options in the 1950s and 1960s left much to be desired, siding today is a popular, reliable choice for home renovations. You don’t [...]

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The Dos and Don’ts of an Exterior Remodel

After numerous discussions with your partner at night, constantly thinking about it on the commute home from work, being reminded of it whenever you leave to go pick up the mail, the day has finally come: you’ve decided to go with your gut and remodel the exterior of your home. [...]

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Utah Building Throughout the Ages

Chances are that if you look out the window of your home you will see that the majority of houses around you look pretty similar to yours. This isn’t a mistake or a sign of some architect’s lack of imagination. Instead, the plight of urban planning has always been to [...]

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How to Prevent Exterior Weather Damage

COMMON WEATHER CONCERNS The great state of Utah possesses a unique climate that gives its residents a taste of both summer and winter extremes. In the Salt Lake valley, annual temperature averages range from 27-degree lows to 100-degree highs, while humidity sits at about 26% in July and peaks [...]

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5 Trending Home Exteriors in Utah for 2021

Trends on Utah home interiors and exteriors seem to roll with the changing of the years. We’ve been enjoying certain trends for several years, but there have been some shifts in personal preferences that Utah homeowners are leaning towards. For example, the split level was very popular in Utah [...]

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What to Know About Soffits and Fascia

WHAT ARE SOFFITS? There is often overhang from the roof which creates a section of material that is not connected to the house. The undersides of this roofing overhang are known as soffits which literally means “something fixed underneath.” The soffits of the home are quite important and work to [...]

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Highlighting Your Home’s Exterior in Winter

You may think that during the cold, winter months, there’s not much point in maintaining your home’s curb appeal. However, that beautiful blanket of snow may come and go throughout the season, leaving you with a less-than-appealing exterior at times. So, what can you do to keep the exterior of [...]

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