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For over 15 years, Burbach has helped beautify Utah’s residential areas by installing and repairing high-quality siding products to their residents. As more and more people realize the benefits that premium siding can bring to their home, it has become an increasingly popular choice among people who want to give their home exterior an update.

We are always happy when people ask us to help them with their home remodel using the trusted products we carry. Get in touch today if you’re looking to give your home an update.

Why Your Home’s Exterior Needs A Remodel

You’ve found the perfect home for your family, and you’ve taken great pains to decorate the interior exactly to your tastes. From renovating your kitchen to choosing the perfect paint to getting the exact furniture you want, you have a home you love to be in. Now it’s time to have a house that fills you with joy every time you come home.

An exterior remodel isn’t just about making your home look nice, though. There are plenty of other reasons why giving your home’s siding an update is a great idea, including:

  • Increasing value and curb appeal: If you ever do decide to sell, an updated exterior can increase the value of your home.
  • Lower maintenance: New siding requires much less maintenance and fewer repairs than trying to upkeep old siding.
  • Energy efficiency: Modern exterior home sidings are designed to be more energy efficient. Not only does this help make a greener home, but you’ll save money on cooling and heating your home, too.
  • Increased home security: Taking the time to renovate your home’s exterior will help protect everything and everyone that you are trusting your house to protect.

High Quality Sidings

When you call Burbach for your siding installation and renovation, you can rest assured that we only work with brands that have earned our trust. Out of all the years we’ve been in business, there are two that stand above the rest in our book: Mastic’s Vinyl Siding and James Hardie Siding.

With both these products, we’ve seen for ourselves that they’re high-quality, long-lasting, and affordable. Here’s why we work with these two brands, and why they’re the very best siding options you could find for your home:

  • Extremely durable: These sidings are so durable that they often come with a lifetime warranty. These sidings will look nice for years to come, requiring less maintenance than other home exterior options.
  • Weather resistant: Your home’s facade has to endure all kinds of weather, from extreme heat, fast wind, pouring rain, and freezing snow. Over time, these elements can cause significant damage to regular home exterior products. These sidings, on the other hand, are certified to withstand various weather conditions without suffering much damage. They are even rated to withstand winds of 100 miles per hour!
  • Customizable & consistent: With a large selection of colors, textures, and style choices, you can customize your house’s appearance to fit your vision. Whichever color you decide on, it will be sealed into the material to provide a reliable finish that will last longer than most paints.

We can also work with a range of home materials, whether it’s stucco, fiber cement, brick & stone, wood, or any other home elements to make a cohesive and beautiful exterior to match your aesthetic.

We’ll Be There For Every Step

Our goal is to help you make your dream home a reality. When you trust us to remodel your house’s facade, you can count on us to help you every step of the way.

The Design Process

With our 3D modeling technology, you’ll be able to get a realistic preview of what your house would look like with the various siding options we have available. We’ll also offer our expert advice on which sidings would fit your house’s style and aesthetic based on our own experience.

The Installation Process

Our professional team has over 15 years of experience installing home exterior sidings. We are one of the only approved contractors to install Mastic’s Vinyl Siding and James Hardie Siding products in Utah, and we have earned that approval by consistently doing a good job.

Take A Look At Our Work:

Photo of home - beforePhoto of home - after
Photo of home - beforePhoto of home - after
Photo of home - beforePhoto of home - after
Photo of home - beforePhoto of home - after

See What Our Customers Are Saying

As a Utah-local company, our customers aren’t just customers – they’re our neighbors, too. So rest assured that we put every bit of care we can to keep Salt Lake looking great, and these reviews prove it.

Meldon Larson
Meldon Larson
Six years ago we had our home completely remodeled outside with new James Hardie siding, trim and rain gutters with Dutch Quality Stone with Renovation By Burbach. We love the look and the durability of our exterior renovation! Recently, however, a small section of the black facia came loose on the upstairs roofline, most likely from the wind we have been experiencing. I spoke with Brandon at Renovation by Burbach and he was able to send Luke and Zach to make the necessary repair. He took time to understand our concern and was most helpful. I called on Monday and Brandon was able to adjust schedules and have them here on Wednesday. They were professional, friendly, and extremely careful with a very tall ladder in our front garden area, They quickly secured the facia back in place and also took time to look around the roof gables and repaired a loose shingle. They even removed some accumulated leaves in the rain gutter on the way down. Luke and Zach were awesome! I encourage anyone thinking of a new and improved look for their home with quality workmanship to contact Brandon at Renovation by Burbach. I am pleased to recommend them.
TB Kustom Fab & Offroad (TBK)
TB Kustom Fab & Offroad (TBK)
Top notch customer service and if your looking to improve the curb appeal of your home or office building you def need to check these guys out because they do it all!!
Matt Hale
Matt Hale
I’ve used these guys on several projects and they did a great job. High quality workmanship and did a good job hitting schedules.

Chat With The Experts

Ready to remodel? We can help. Just give us a call today, and we’ll be happy to offer renovation advice, discuss your options, and help you in any other way we can. We are confident that our siding products and expertise will exceed your expectations and make your dream home a reality. 

If you have any questions about our siding products, the installation process, or the other exterior product options we carry, let’s chat.