Brick & Stone for Remodels

If you’re a Utah homeowner looking to remodel or completely redo stone and brick facades, let Burbach Exteriors help. Many homeowners appreciate the classic look that stone, or brick can give to the home, but it’s impractical. Due to updated insulation standards, natural brick and stone aren’t practical for your remodel. If you want the aesthetic appeal of natural stone, or brick, there are options that give off the look without the disadvantages of the material itself.


Stone facade is an option that is both adaptable and acclaimed. This type of facade can commonly be seen in new construction throughout Utah. As this option is only a type of siding, it does not contribute or interfere with the structural integrity of your home. However, the natural look will give your remodeled home the distinguished look you may be after.

These decorative stone sidings are available in a wide variety of styles, making it a breeze to match a siding with your remodel design plans. Burbach offers these stone facades:

  • Stacked Slate

  • Patchwork River Stone

  • Stone Flats

  • Stone Veneer

  • And More

If you choose Burbach for these materials, all options come with Burbach’s reliable, top-notch installation.


Brick homes have the unique ability to look both naturally rugged, and modern simultaneously. If this this the aesthetic you’re after, brick siding can be installed on to almost any remodel to get you that desired look. The demand of the look and feel that brick gives to the face of the home is the inspiration of creative, and decorative brick veneers.

Although the term “veneer” is commonly used to describe this style of brick siding, it does not refer to a thin material, a wrap, or a sticker. Instead, a full brick wall is placed over the top of your pre-existing home, or remodel. In this way, the brick siding is not an integral part of the your home’s structure; rather, it’s merely a decorative piece. As there’s no pressure placed on the brick wall itself, your home’s construction will continue to stay secure.


Due to its material, time can be the enemy of the brick veneer. Over a period of time, brick is vulnerable to cracking and crumbling. However, this doesn’t meant that you shouldn’t consider this material for your remodel. What Burbach does best is problem solving the issues of this type of veneer. Our team is experienced in both the repair and proper installation of brick facades. We’re confident in our professional ability to restore the facade to its original state; accurately matching the material and style to the original installation for a cohesive and consistent look.


If you’re remodeling your home, you can be sure that Burbach is the company to trust with your brick and stone siding needs. We can assist you from the start of your project, with the choice of our wide range of materials, to the finished installation. Call us today for a quote and let our helpful team create a plan that will work for you.