Transform Your Home with Timeless Elegance

Discover stone and brick’s enduring beauty and durability for your exterior home remodel with Burbach Exteriors. Tailor-made to enhance your home’s curb appeal, our exquisite range of stone products and brick siding combines traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation, making us the premier choice for homeowners seeking quality and distinctiveness.

Why Choose Stone and Brick Siding from Burbach Exteriors?

Brick & Stone for Remodels

If you’re a Utah homeowner looking to remodel or completely redo the exterior of your house with stone and brick facades, let Burbach Exteriors help. Many homeowners appreciate the classic look that stone or brick can give to the home, but find that it’s impractical. Natural stone or brick is heavy, expensive, and can deteriorate over time.

If you want the aesthetic appeal of natural stone or brick, Burbach Exteriors has options that mimic the look of natural materials without any of the disadvantages.


Timeless Curb Appeal, Modern Techniques

Stone and brick are not just materials; they’re symbols of strength and longevity. At Burbach Exteriors, we merge these timeless elements with cutting-edge modernizations to offer exterior siding options that stand the test of time.


Economically Smart Choice

We understand the value of your investment. Opting for our stone and brick siding provides an affordable, yet no less striking, alternative to full stone exteriors. Enjoy the look and feel of luxury without straining your budget.


Endless Variety

Imagine the possibilities with our vast selection of finishes—from the rustic charm of stacked slate and patchwork river stone to the polished look of stone flats and classic brick. The perfect texture and color to match your home’s personality await.


Customization at Its Best

Each home tells a story; let yours speak volumes with a custom-designed stone or brick exterior. Our experts are dedicated to helping you personalize your space, ensuring your home reflects your unique style.

Customization at Its Best:

Each home tells a story; let yours speak volumes with a custom-designed stone or brick exterior. Our experts are dedicated to helping you personalize your space, ensuring your home reflects your unique style.

See What Our Customers Are Saying

As a Utah-local company, our customers aren’t just customers – they’re our neighbors, too. So rest assured that we put every bit of care we can to keep Salt Lake looking great, and these reviews prove it.

Meldon Larson
Meldon Larson
Six years ago we had our home completely remodeled outside with new James Hardie siding, trim and rain gutters with Dutch Quality Stone with Renovation By Burbach. We love the look and the durability of our exterior renovation! Recently, however, a small section of the black facia came loose on the upstairs roofline, most likely from the wind we have been experiencing. I spoke with Brandon at Renovation by Burbach and he was able to send Luke and Zach to make the necessary repair. He took time to understand our concern and was most helpful. I called on Monday and Brandon was able to adjust schedules and have them here on Wednesday. They were professional, friendly, and extremely careful with a very tall ladder in our front garden area, They quickly secured the facia back in place and also took time to look around the roof gables and repaired a loose shingle. They even removed some accumulated leaves in the rain gutter on the way down. Luke and Zach were awesome! I encourage anyone thinking of a new and improved look for their home with quality workmanship to contact Brandon at Renovation by Burbach. I am pleased to recommend them.
TB Kustom Fab & Offroad (TBK)
TB Kustom Fab & Offroad (TBK)
Top notch customer service and if your looking to improve the curb appeal of your home or office building you def need to check these guys out because they do it all!!
Matt Hale
Matt Hale
I’ve used these guys on several projects and they did a great job. High quality workmanship and did a good job hitting schedules.

What to Know About Stone Facades

Stone veneer, or facade, is an option that is both adaptable and acclaimed. This type of faux stone is common in new construction and remodels throughout Utah. Manufactured stone veneer is a lightweight type of siding, and it does not contribute to or interfere with the structural integrity of your home. However, the natural look of well-manufactured and installed stone facades will give your remodeled home the distinguished curb appeal you’re after.

Decorative stone sidings are available in a wide variety of styles from Burbach, making it a breeze to match a siding with the remodel design plans you’re envisioning. Burbach offers these stone facades:

  • Stacked Slate
  • Patchwork River Stone
  • Stone Flats
  • Stone Veneer
  • And More

If you choose Burbach for these materials, all options come with Burbach’s reliable, top-notch installation.

What to Know About Brick Veneer

In our case, we don’t use a thin wrap or flimsy material that resembles brick; our brick veneer siding is a full brick wall that is installed on top of your existing exterior. 

This type of siding does not act as an integral part of your home’s structure; rather, it’s merely a decorative piece that changes the texture and color of your home’s exterior. As there’s no pressure placed on the brick wall itself, it’s not impacted by the natural settling of your home, or by expansion and contraction due to changes in temperature. 

Pros and Cons of Brick Veneer

  • It costs less than natural brick
  • It’s lightweight
  • Faster installation process
  • Almost completely maintenance-free


  • Doesn’t look exactly like real brick up close
  • If installed incorrectly, veneer can allow water seepage
  • Costs more than vinyl siding

Thankfully, Burbach Exteriors is experienced in both the repair and proper installation of stone and brick facades. We’re confident in our professional ability to restore or upgrade your home’s exterior. We can also accurately match existing or original installations for a cohesive and consistent look.

Your Dream Home is Just a Stone’s Throw Away

Ready to elevate your home with the curb appeal stone and brick exteriors? Contact Burbach Exteriors today for a custom quote. Embark on a transformation that promises not just an upgrade to your home’s façade but a testament to your taste and vision.


Don’t settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary. With Burbach Exteriors, your dream home exterior is within reach. If you’re remodeling your home, you can be sure that Burbach is the company to trust with your brick and stone siding needs. We can assist you from the start of your design journey to the finished installation. Call us today for a quote and let our helpful team create a plan that will work for you.