Soffit and fascia are some of the most important aspects of your building’s roof, both functionally and visually. The term soffit refers to the exposed surface beneath the overhanging section of your roofs eaves. Commercial soffit plays an important part in your homes or building’s ventilation, ensuring more efficient interior climate control and preventing moisture damage to the roof.

Fascia refers to the vertical finished edge that runs along the outside of the roof, especially at the edge of the rafters and where your roof connects to your gutters. Practically speaking, commercial fascia forms a barrier to help protect the wooden structure of the roof from the elements.

Both commercial soffit and fascia also lend visual interest to your home’s and building’s exterior design, helping to create a finished look to your roof. Many building owners choose a contrasting or complementary color to the rest of their homes exterior for true designer appeal.


Our team at Commercial Exterior Solutions specializes in aluminum soffit and fascia, which have long been considered the standard material in Utah for covering eves and porches. Our staff are experts at soffit and fascia installation. In particular, Commercial Exterior Solutions works extensively with industry gold-standard brands such as James Hardie Soffit and Fascia and Mastics Vinyl Soffits.

As exterior renovation experts, we also provides custom options like cedar, pine or bead board which can be installed and painted or stained any color you choose. The aluminum commercial soffits and fascia that we install at Commercial Exterior Solutions are a nominal .016 thickness and available in a standard 29 colors. Our chosen manufacturers sell sturdy products that can withstand Utah weather and don’t dent or vibrate in the wind.