Building and renovating for a business or other commercial entity takes a special type of expertise that can hold up to the scrutiny of not just the clients or customers who will be visiting but of the owners who have made this building such an integral part of their lives. At Burbach Exteriors, we understand the weight of importance that gets placed on the outer façade of a business, what it signifies about the company’s success and the confidence that it inspires. As such, we have created a special division of Burbach Exteriors to handle business renovations and repairs, called Commercial Exterior Solutions.

Does the Business Renovation team specialize in certain materials?

Over the years that we’ve been in operation, we have beautified and given new life to thousands of business headquarters and satellite offices across the Salt Lake Valley. Nestled as we are in the heart of the Wasatch Range, the use of Harristone, Dutch Quality Stone, and natural stone has become one of the most requested materials we use for our commercial exterior projects. You can choose from traditional cobblestone, precast stone veneers, ledge stone, and more, in addition to the more traditional siding and stucco variations we offer.

With so many options available to choose from, it is easy for business owners, who normally have their attention spread across so many facets of their operations, to feel overwhelmed with the size of their commercial repair project. Happily, our Commercial Exterior Solutions team has the kind of experience that our clients can rely on.

Can I pre-visualize my commercial renovation before it’s finished?

There are a number of the things that make Burbach Exteriors so good at what we do, from our years of experience to our drive to build “Timeless Curb Appeal” that will last for decades. Additionally, we have some of the best tools for the job, including our proprietary renovation visualizer, which helps our customers see each part of the commercial repair process, from the installation of the materials to choosing a color, and make essential choices before the first stone is laid.

Projects Large and Small

At Burbach Exteriors, our experts have carried out installs on both small residences as well as large commercial buildings. Here are some of the locations of our commercial exterior installations.