The allure of a brick or stone façade for a commercial building is the spirit of timelessness that it brings. Seeing such a building made from such materials, laid by hand, is to feel that that business has been around longer than anything else in the area, and will stand resolutely, long into the future. Consulting with our team will help you know the finer points of working with brick and stone so that you will better understand your options when it comes time to renovate your exterior.

The Pros and Cons of Brick Veneer

Considering the aesthetic appeal of brick, and how long we have been using it to build our homes and business — from the very foundation of this country — it might seem strange to concede that not many businesses are opting to use it anymore. In fact, seeing natural brick used today is like spotting a rare animal out in the wild. This is due to many circumstances.

Firstly, tastes have changed, on the whole, when it comes to commercial architecture. Companies blazing their way into the digital future tend to associate their services with the more contemporary look of steel and glass. Secondly, while brick was practical to use over the centuries, the needs of modern buildings (insulation and disaster preparation, to name a few) have rendered brick largely obsolete. Despite that, however, brick will forever remain a fundamental part of the DNA of our building tradition, and that timelessness is felt every time we use it.

To answer these concerns of meeting modern standards with a solid, historical aesthetic, businesses have turned to brick veneer. This doesn’t mean that they are relying on some sort of sticker to give the impression of bricks. In fact, we use actual bricks all around the exterior. But the structure of the building itself is not reliant on the brick or mortar; it’s simply for decoration.

Brick veneer isn’t without its own set of needs, however. Brick is naturally susceptible to crumbling and cracking under prolonged exposure to the elements. Happily, our experts have perfected the installation and repair of bricks so that the façade remains stunning.

Working With Stone

Much like brick veneer, we can install a stone façade on the structure of your business to create an exquisite exterior aesthetic. This type of renovation has seen a surge in popularity among Utah business owners who enjoy the versatility of design, and the connotation of an immovable mainstay in their industry and community.

At Burbach, we relish in the beauty found in the versatility of the materials we use. We work in stacked slate, patchwork riverstone, and stone flats, to name a few. Your creativity and our workmanship mean there is no end to what we can create.

Brick & Stone Renovations Done Right

Call us today if you’re in need of either a repair to your existing stonework, or it’s time to renovate your business. Our experienced team can get you a quote for your project and decide on the important details that give your business the air of reliability it deserves.