You know James Hardie siding is the best, but do you know why?

The path to greatness began over 100 years ago.

James Hardie was a Scottish immigrant to Australia, where he started an import business in the late 19th century. The company that bore his name was sold to his business partner in 1911, but the industrial products business didn’t start making fiber cement siding until the 1980s. Now, that’s all they do, which is a good thing, because it’s what they do best.


The James Hardie company, in fact, invented fiber cement siding. They invested hundreds of millions in research to produce a product that’s durable, functional and beautiful.

It looks and feels just like real wood, but unlike wood, Hardie siding is noncombustible, rot resistant, inhospitable to termites and holds up in all kinds of weather. And even with all these extra benefits, Hardie siding is cheaper than wood.

It’s not cheaper than vinyl, but it looks a lot better. And unlike vinyl, it doesn’t warp, crack, shrink or melt.

Engineered wood has been giving fiber cement siding a run for its money lately, and though there are similarities between the two, engineered wood still contains a fair amount of wood, and as such is vulnerable to some of the same threats as wood, especially moisture and freezing conditions.


The list of qualities that make Hardie siding durable is long, but one technological advancement in particular is unique — their HardieZone System — Engineered for Climate. Hardie knows that weather has a big impact on all materials, and it’s hard to create one product that’s durable across all climates. So why not make more than one?

The HardieZone System offers two types of siding — the HZ5 for climates with distinct seasons, including freezing temperatures, ice and snow; and the HZ10 for hot and humid climates that get a lot of rain.


Maintenance is part of the equation whenever we buy any product — car, home, clothing, etc. The continual upkeep necessary to keep wood siding functional and looking good is expensive and time-consuming. A paint job that lasts 10 years is rare, but Hardie’s ColorPlus Techonology finish has a 15-year guarantee.

You can get your siding pre-painted in one (or more) of dozens of color options available, or you can have it delivered in its natural state and choose your own paint and color. The advantage of pre-painted is that the color is applied in a laboratory environment, layer after layer — a process that is engineered to last years longer than ordinary paint.

We here at Renovation by Burbach install a lot of fiber cement siding, and we use only James Hardie because we know it’s the best. If you’re thinking about fiber cement siding for your home, think about James Hardie — and Renovation by Burbach.