The first step in a successful home remodel is a plan. And not just any plan, either — a careful, well-thought-out plan yields the best results.

A home exterior renovation is different from an interior one in many ways, but one key difference is motivation. You may grow tired of items piling up in your cramped kitchen or you may wish your outdated bathroom was more functional, but the outside of your home often resides only in the back of your mind (if even there).


Although it is possible for a home exterior to become unsafe, the biggest reason homeowners opt to remodel this part of their home is looks. Any breach in your home’s covering, including cracking, splitting or broken or missing pieces, can lead to a host of problems, all of which can be the downfall of your home.

Mold, mildew, wood rot, vermin infestations — any of these that are allowed to continue unabated in your home will be difficult and expensive to remedy. Generally, when property owners become aware of potential problems like this, they move to remedy them immediately.

However, what if your exterior is still functional, but it’s just ugly? It may not be broke, but you can see it still needs fixin’.


Like your old snow boots, your old car or your old couch, you may have loved your exterior when you first got it, but now every time you look at it, all you can think is that it has seen better days. But if all you know is that you don’t want what you have now, how do you know what direction to go in?

Start by looking at some pictures of other houses online to see what type of finish you gravitate toward. Do you like wood? Stucco? Stone? Pick a few of your favorites, then move on to pricing. If fieldstone with gingerbread trim isn’t in your budget, it’s best to know that early, before you get your heart set on it.

When you determine how much you can afford and what you can get for that price, it’s time to think about aesthetics. Vinyl siding is a popular choice because it is economical, easy to install and requires little maintenance.


Even among vinyl, however, you have seemingly endless choices — clapboard, Dutch lap, vertical, board and batten, and more. Stucco can be applied with dozens of different finishes, and natural stones are all unique.

Then there’s color. Even if you narrow it down to “green,” you’re likely going to have hundreds of choices. Even white comes in dozens of shades!

Your exterior is more than your siding, too, it’s your trim. Often this is where real distinctions can be made.

The last thing you want in a remodeling project is any surprises. Sit down with our experts here at Renovation by Burbach to begin the planning stage. Make sure you get through it all so you know what to expect from beginning to end. And be prepared for glitches — few home renovation projects are quick and easy. But having an experienced team of professionals on your side when you are planning a remodel can make the difference between a smooth, satisfying project and one fraught with headaches, so take that first step and call us for a free consultation.