Before a potential buyer ever enters the doors of your home, they will gaze upon the outer exterior of your house. Because the curb appeal impacts the number of potential onlookers, it’s essential that you keep the exterior structure in tip-top shape. Protecting your siding is a simple process, and can be followed for most any siding material, but should be done at least annually. From power washing and regular check-ups to keeping vegetation at bay, Burbach is here to help you keep your exteriors looking brand new.

Power Wash Your Home

A fresh, clean, power wash can break off any grime or mold that has started to grow or linger over the winter months. Power washing can be done by yourself with the right tools, however, if your siding is showing signs of major wear and tear, please contact Burbach Exteriors to service the siding.

Power washing should be part of the annual maintenance on the exterior of your home. It will not only make the siding last longer, but it will also preserve the seal on the siding and lengthen the time that your paint lasts. Plus, this can keep your home safe from toxic things growing (i.e. mold).

No Green on the Siding

Growing plants over the siding of your house can do a couple of things. Number one, it can weaken the structure. Those plants are going to try to attach to something and you do not want that. Additionally, said plants can bring unwanted creatures (pests and potentially animals).  Keep the vines trimmed and away from your siding. On the bottom of your house, make sure that you are keeping the grass trimmed and neat around your home. Again, this can create the same problems as the vines, but from the bottom up.

Regular Check-Ups

It’s smart to do regular checks on your house. Walking around the sides to be sure that nothing is cracked or broken is wise. You should always check for unwanted growth or critters that may be housing themselves in or on your siding. Owning your own home is a wonderful blessing; however, there are a few maintenance measures you need to handle and that if done properly, will lessen the wear on your house. When it comes to siding, be sure to power wash at least once a year or more.

Don’t allow anything (no matter how beautiful) to grow up the side of your house and conduct regular check-ups on the outside structure of your house (especially between seasons). If you follow these three rules, you’re sure to make the siding lasts longer, preserving and protecting your home. And remember, if your siding needs repairs, call the team at Burbach before the damage goes too far.