Sometimes when we hear the word remodel, we immediately think of the kitchen or the bathrooms within our home. We talk about an interior remodel, but what about the exterior of our home? Perhaps it’s time to repaint the front door, plant a front lawn garden, or have a professional team like Burbach enhance the exterior with new siding. Let’s give your home some curb appeal that will draw buyers for your sale and/or up the value of your home. These projects are quick and easy, as well as affordable, with the right professional on your team.

Creating a Design

Many homeowners come to use with a basic concept of how they’d like the exterior of their home to look and feel toward the outside world. We love with clients come to us after brainstorming what they’d like to see their homes become. Have an idea of what you want your home to look like? When you meet with us, feel free to bring any visual inspiration you have, whether it’s a picture of a home in your neighborhood or an image you’ve found online. It can give our team a good idea of where to start. Together we can make your inspiration a reality, and even show you a 3D model of what your home will look like by the end of your exterior remodel.

Choose a Contractor

When selecting a contractor, be smart about your choice and do thorough research. Check out the work portfolios of contractors on your shortlist. Read reviews online and ask around for suggestions in person. Of course, Burbach Exteriors would love to work with you! Take a look at our work and see if anything we’ve done in the past matches up with what you’d like to see for your exterior’s future. As you’re searching for a contractor, whether you work with us or another company, make sure you ask for quotes and a timeframe for work. It’s not uncommon to find a contractor you enjoy, but whos timeframe for a finished project doesn’t fit with your needs. Aside from pricing and timeframes, make sure you seek out a contractor who consistently uses top-quality siding products. You want to make sure that whatever company you choose to work with will apply siding that has true lasting power.

Let’s Get Started!

Remodeling the exterior of your home is an exciting venture. With the right contractor, your dream home can become a reality. Whether it’s siding and stucco, new gutters, or windows, you’re on your way to creating your dream home. Explore all of the possibilities, get inspired by the homes in your neighborhoods, on apps, or in media! Make sure to research out the perfect contractor that will meet your creative needs and provide reliable service, and lock their service in with a solid contract. Ready to start your exterior remodel? Burbach is ready to help! Contact us today to begin planning your next curb appeal project, big or small.