You want your home, inside and out, to be ready for summer so it not only looks great for entertaining, but so it can also withstand the test of time.

Getting Your House Ready for Warm Weather

Besides checking the air conditioning to make sure it’s ready to keep you cool through the dog days of summer, what else should you be doing to get ready for warm weather? At Burbach Exteriors, we have suggestions for getting everything from your walkway to your chimney ready for a new season.

Start From the Inside

Even if you hardly spend any time cooped up inside during the summer, there are parts of your home that need your attention indoors. Here’s where to start:

Change the AC Filter

Keep your AC running its best by swapping out the old filter for a new one. The filter usually needs to be replaced every 90 days, so if you change it at the beginning of the season, you should be good to go until autumn. However, if you have any pets in your family, it’s a good idea to change your AC filter every 60 days to compensate for the extra dander or hair.

Clean Ceiling Fans

Have you used your ceiling fans this winter? If not, they may have accumulated a lot of dust during their downtime. To avoid spilling dust all over your house while cleaning the blades or using the fan for the first time after winter hibernation, use a pillowcase! Slip a clean pillowcase over one fan blade, and then pull the pillowcase toward you while gently using it to brush dust into the case.

While you’re up there, be sure your fan blades are set to spin counterclockwise for the summer. This will push the air down, away from the ceiling, to help keep the room feeling breezy and cool. There’s usually a switch on the base of a ceiling fan that you can toggle to change which direction it spins.

Sweep the Chimney

If you used your chimney throughout the winter, now’s the time to get it inspected and cleaned. You might be familiar with the smoke chamber, firebox, damper, and chimney liner but, if you’re not, hire a pro to give all the pieces a once-over and a thorough cleaning.


If you’ve put off insulating your attic or walls, now’s the time to do it! Save yourself some money by helping your house regulate the indoor temperature no matter what’s happening outside. A well-insulated attic can significantly reduce your utility bill.

Head Outside

Get your outdoor spaces ready for hosting BBQs and warding off pests this summer.

Power Wash Everything

Okay, maybe not everything, but… you can power wash a lot of things outside. Start with the walkway, outdoor rugs, and patio furniture. Depending on your home’s exterior, you may be able to safely power wash brick or siding without doing any damage. If you don’t want to accidentally remove paint from your home, take a gentler approach to sudsing up and wiping off winter grime.

Wash the Windows

You probably don’t want to take a power washer to your windows, but you do need to wipe them down to prep for summer. Remove screens if necessary and clean them and the window glass with a mix of ¼ cup dish soap (or vinegar) and ½ gallon of water. After washing, use a squeegee to get a streak-free shine on every pane.

Inspect the Sprinklers

When the weather is consistently warm, it’s time to check your sprinkler lines for any damage. Sprinkler heads may have taken a hit or two from the snowblower, so take a walk around the yard and look for any geysers that have sprung a leak.

Prevent Pests

While you’re working in the yard, be sure to look for any food and shelter sources that might invite pests into your home. Remove debris near your foundation, and ensure there aren’t any entry points (cracked seals, ripped window screens, etc…). Fixing any broken sprinklers may help deter pests, as you’ll be removing standing water where some bugs like to make their homes.


Another way to keep the bugs at bay is to ensure your siding is in tiptop shape. At Burbach, we offer a variety of siding options:

  • Brick
  • Brick veneer
  • Fiber cement
  • Stone
  • Stucco
  • Vinyl

Whatever you’re working with, we can help with repairs or remodeling to offer the best protection against not just pests, but the elements as well.

Clean AC Condenser

Now that you’ve changed your filter, it’s time to head outside and hose down the condenser. You’ll want to turn off the power first, but then it’s time to remove anything that’s accumulated around the coils.

As you survey your home from the outside this spring and summer you may find some aspects you’d like to change. If you’re considering an exterior home remodel project, you can trust the experts at Burbach Companies. Get in touch today to discuss your goals and how we can help you achieve them.