When you think about your company, you probably think of the day-to-day operations, workers, money, and marketing strategies. The outside of your building, on the other hand, may not immediately spring to mind. This seemingly insignificant issue can have a huge influence on the success of your business.

What do we mean?

“Building exterior” refers to the materials, equipment, and components that make up the walls, roof, foundation, stairs, associated projections, and other exterior aspects and characteristics of a structure. Essentially, this is the first thing a person sees when they approach your building.

Why is this important?

  • People will be more interested in your building if it has an appealing design than if it is drab and obsolete. You may take advantage of this attention by inviting visitors inside or putting up signs that explain what you do.
  • A polished exterior will help your business seem more professional, regardless of the sort of organization you run. It contributes to your company’s professional image and delivers a message to passers-by. Customers will assume you care about them if you care about your look. A messy look, on the other hand, such as overgrown landscaping, discolored siding, and an unmaintained roof, suggests that you are unconcerned. Will you have time to address your clients’ demands if you don’t have time to make your business seem good?
  • A well-maintained building exterior is less likely to generate safety concerns, such as decaying elements that may fall off and hurt someone. Trips and falls on well-kept sidewalks can be avoided, perhaps resulting in a lawsuit. Many would-be criminals will be deterred by a well-kept building. Appropriate illumination can deter criminals while also keeping your staff and customers safe.
  • If your business facility is in poor condition, you may discover that consumers frequently express their dissatisfaction. They may not like your unprotected entryway or the fact that your stonework has to be power washed. As a result of these irritations, they may decide to take their business elsewhere. You can avoid these issues and keep your clients pleased by having a beautiful backyard. Installing a ramp for wheelchair access, installing a display window to showcase your items, or paving your parking lot and walkways are all examples of methods to improve your business. Adapting your facility for accessibility is a cost-effective and efficient approach to attract more consumers.
  • When you maintain your building’s exterior and keep it in good shape on a regular basis, you may avoid deterioration and negative effects on its performance. As a consequence, you’ll save money right now. For example, if there is no maintenance plan in place, moisture can enter into the outside wall assembly, causing cracks, dry rot, mildew, and peeling paint. Your roof will be subjected to wear and tear as well.

Elements of the Exterior

  1. waterproofing
  1. Underslab Insulation
  1. Exterior Wall Construction:
  1. Exterior Soffits
  1. Exterior Windows
  1. Exterior Doors
  1. Roofing

Top Building Exteriors

HARPA Concert Hall And Conference Center

ReykjavÍk, Iceland

Henning Larsen Architects and Batteríið Architects



Gardens By The Bay


Wilkinson Eyre Architects, Grant Associates



The Shard


Renzo Piano Building Workshop



What a company’s exterior says about them depends on the company and how much they put into their exterior design. If your commercial building is lacking in maintenance or doesn’t stand out, it can come off negatively. Start concentrating on the exterior of your building. An attractive exterior serves a purpose other than pleasing the eye. It also provides information to customers about your company. You can attract new clients, please existing ones, and outperform the competition by focusing on maintenance and enhancements.