Do You Really Need Rain Gutters?

With spring fast-approaching, it’s time to focus on sprucing up your home and yard. There’s nothing like a change in seasons to give you a boost of energy to tackle those home remodeling projects. Although the warmer weather may give you the mental boost for grandiose home ideas, remember to [...]

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3 Reasons Why We Love Vinyl Siding

Here at Burbach, our team is passionate about the look and integrity of your home’s exterior. As experts in all things siding, we’ve upgraded exteriors and creatively designed new construction materials for decades. When it comes to siding, we’ve seen it all. However, when homeowners think about updating the look [...]

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What’s the Deal with Soffits?

Every homeowner and property manager understands the importance of a well-constructed roof or maintained vinyl siding, but there is and aspect between both that often gets overlooked or completely forgotten: the soffit. The soffit of a home isn’t something we often think about, and that’s quite possibly because it isn’t [...]

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Home Sidings: Trend Meets Function

Home design trends come and go, but trends with function are a different story altogether. When it comes to getting the most from your home’s exterior and curb appeal, there are certain home trends that make sense in our great state of Utah and others that don’t. Home siding, however, [...]

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Upgrading the Exterior of Your Home?

Think Stucco Thinking about upgrading the exterior of your home? The investment you make in an exterior upgrade can boost your home’s curb appeal, property value, and help your home withstand major weathering. It’s not a light decision to make, but if you’re looking for a traditional look, we recommend [...]

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The Pros and Cons of Stucco

Stucco exteriors are a classic staple in many communities throughout the US, but with other exterior materials becoming increasingly popular, it’s not as commonly seen on individual homes. However, if you’ve fallen in love with the texture and artistic flare of a stucco exterior, this material is coming back into [...]

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